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Advanced / Healthcare CPR Training Pack for 10 Students

Advanced / Healthcare CPR Training Pack for 10 Students


ACPR Advanced / Healthcare CPR Student 10 Pack

American CPR’s Advanced / Healthcare C.A.R.E. CPR™ training course covers information about cardiovascular disease, information about heart disease, risk factors, prudent heart living, heart and lung function, and conscious and unconscious airway obstructions. Included in the curricula is One-rescuer & Two-rescuer “full” C.A.R.E. CPR™, Compression-Only CPR™. Special considerations for Healthcare, management of foreign object airway obstruction, Bag-Valve-Mask use, and introduction to AED are included. American CPR’s Advanced / Healthcare C.A.R.E. CPR™ Program is designed to incorporate lecture, demonstration, DVD presentation, student books & training materials, individual Student Practice Kits, and student skills testing. The Instructor & Student Materials are designed to synchronize with the American CPR C.A.R.E. CPR™ DVD in a manner that the Students may follow in the handbooks throughout DVD presentation, and Instructors may offer chapters of the DVD interchangeably with live lecture/presentation. A 50 question exam is included. Advanced / Healthcare C.A.R.E. CPR™ Certification is valid for two years.

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(10) Student Training Handbooks  – Full color, and now 29+ pages
(10) Student Course Evaluations
(10) Student Advanced CPR Exams
(1) Instructor Advanced CPR Exam Key
(10) C.A.R.E. CPR Reminder Pens with CPR Steps
(10) Student Training Kit CPR - 3 Pieces (SKU# TK-StudentCPR)
          Each Student Practice Kit contains
          2 Latex Free Vinyl Gloves
          1 CPR Face Shield
          all in a Sealed Plastic Bag
(1)  Sign in Roster *
(10) Certification Cards*

First Response: C.A.R.E. CPR™ + Bonus Chapters! (DVD)

First Response: C.A.R.E. CPR™ + Bonus Chapters! (DVD)


New CPR Guidelines - 47 minutes ~ All CPR Methods + Bonus Chapters!
Best price DVD available with New CPR Guidelines! - Take advantage of super low pricing!

Approved by American Environmental Health and Safety & American CPR Training, this program is the most current and expansive video resource of its kind, featuring NEW American standards in basic lifesaving skills as set forth by the latest Emergency Cardiac Care Guidelines 2010. The viewer will learn techniques such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and how to deal with airway obstructions for choking situations. These important skills are demonstrated and described for the adult, child and infant casualty. This program will also help the viewer to recognize and treat for someone who is suffering from a Heart Attack or Stroke, which are America's # 1 killers, also known as cardiovascular disease.

This Video also includes sections on AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) which are a critical part of the chain of survival, and are being deployed in public places throughout the US. This video is designed to provide the "non-professional" rescuer with the knowledge and skills required to help SAVE A LIFE, A.C.T. Now!™

Video Length: 47+ Minutes
Copyright: ©2011

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Adult Child & Infant CPR 25 minutes
Learn the new guidelines… Save A Life… Show you C.A.R.E.!™

Advanced/Healthcare CPR 12 minutes
Two-Rescuer CPR and special concerns for advanced & healthcare providers.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) 5 minutes
Learn how to use these vital lifesaving devices found in many work environments and public places.

Conscious & Unconscious Choking 13.5 minutes
Choking can happen to anyone, anywhere. Learn the proper actions to remove or dislodge a foreign body airway obstruction.

Compression Only CPR: Don’t Stress... Compress!™
1.5 min
Compression-Only CPR is recognized as a viable alternative for untrained rescuers and trained rescuers who cannot perform full CPR – Learn the steps.

22 minute Bonus Video:
“How To Use A First Aid Kit…
What Your First Aid Course Didn't’t Teach You”

Great for refresher training between full certification classes!

*Anyone can purchase these cost-effective OSHA and ECC Compliant CPR, First Aid, AED & BBP Training Materials.
You must, however, be an American EHS / American CPR Affiliate Instructor with a current Instructor Manual to receive the certification cards and rosters.
For more information on Affiliating as an American EHS / American CPR Instructor please CONTACT US for the easy 1 page application!
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